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CEO Message

At AFT, we have listened to the many voices of our clients, have done our own analysis, and, from the day of our founding, have thought of, tried, and worked to implement "the very best" that our clients desire.

AFT has a good track record of co-developping a trading system called "Market Link" with a financial system providor who has a great proven reputation in the area of development and operation of the exchange system and the system for interbank trandasctions. "Market Link" system is quite responsive to the customers' needs and flexible to the neccessary changes. It also has the same system robustness as the systems used by major banks have.

AFT is now providing a system called "Trade Link" which will enable you to directly join in one of the world's largest ECNs.
Trade Link is a trader-friendly system with very high usability. It also supports multiple of the latest APIs to respond to the various trading methods you will employ.

At AFT, we always strive to provide our clients with an optimum trading environment and we pursue this goal every day.
We are convinced that the reason for the long-standing support of our clients is precisely the efforts outlined above, and we hereby pledge to redouble them to live up to your expectations.

February 20, 2018
AFT Co.,Ltd.