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Corporate Identity

At AFT, we strive to be a Riskless Principal.

We know our clients smile when they post profits.
This is why AFT has reflected on what needs to be done to target, together with our clients, this common goal.
The conclusion was clear-cut: eliminate any and all conflicts of interest between us and our clients.

AFT's business model is to carry no positions at all for its own account so we can avoid competing with those of our clients and thus eliminate any conflicts of interest.
In addition to providing for a fair pricing system, not holding own positions allows us to avoid competing with our clients in the same markets they operate, as well as eliminate any possibility that market moves would cause operational uncertainties for the firm, thus resulting in a safe and secure service for our clients.

We have four good reasons why you should place your trust in us.
We consider it extremely important that we nurture these four good reasons by striving to be a Riskless Principal and, based on a foundation of strong trust, are always there for our clients.

Trust From Our Clients/Trust From Our Partners/Trust From Our Shareholders/Trust From Our Employees
[Four Good Reasons to Place Your Trust in Us]
Trust From Our Clients
We are happy when our clients are happy.
We strive to be a Riskless Principal--we neither compete with nor have any conflicts of interest with our clients.
Trust From Our Partners
We are happy when our partners are happy.
We and our partners work together as equals, based on a shared set of values.
Trust From Our Shareholders
We are happy when our shareholders are happy.
By striving to be a Riskless Principal, we are building a sound operational foundation for the firm.
Trust From Our Employees
We are happy when our staff are happy.
Resourcefulness and creativity of our people are at the very core of us as a company. We are growing our business in a manner that protects the soundness of the operational foundation of the firm.