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Basic Policy on Dealing with Antisocial Forces
Business policy

AFT Co., Ltd. announces the following basic policy in order to prevent harm caused by antisocial forces--be they groups or individuals--who pursue economic benefit through violent, coercive or fraudulent means.

  1. We will not transact any business with antisocial forces.
  2. We will act as the entire organization in order to prevent harm from antisocial forces.
  3. We will secure safety of our employees who deal with unjust demands of antisocial forces.
  4. We will promptly take appropriate measures towards cancellation of transactions if a person or persons who already transact business with us are identified as belonging to antisocial forces.
  5. We will not provide any funding to antisocial forces.
  6. We will not accede, in any way, to unjust demands of antisocial forces.
    If we identify unjust demands made by antisocial forces as such, we will respond by taking a legal action under civil or criminal law.
  7. We will, as a rule, closely coordinate with the police, the Center for Elimination of Boryokudan, lawyers and other relevant external institutions in the matter of elimination of antisocial forces.

We have appointed a person in charge of preventing unjust demands who attended a class of the Public Safety Commission as specified by Article 14 (2) of the Act on Prevention of Unjust Acts by Organized Crime Group Members.