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Solicitation Policy
Solicitation policy

In soliciting foreign exchange margin trading business, we strictly observe the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and the Act on Sales, etc. of Financial Products, as well as related laws and regulations, and follow the policy below in order to properly conduct financial products solicitation to clients.

  1. As a rule, solicitation is carried out using ads placed in magazines, newspapers or similar media, via digital media content and through seminars--we do not conduct telephone solicitation unless the client requested us to do so. Further, we do not engage in door-to-door solicitation.
  2. In investment solicitation, we always put the client's interests first by giving careful consideration to the client's investment objectives, experience and knowledge of investments, as well as to the client's financial status.
  3. In order for the client to have full understanding of our products, we work hard to achieve that by conveying--through written documentation provided to the client and using other appropriate means--important disclosures on the content of our products and the accompanying risks.
  4. We do not make definitive claims about the direction of the market or provide any other information at odds with reality. We defer to the client to conduct trading at the client's own judgment.
  5. We strive to ensure that our website and trading systems always display appropriate disclosures.
  6. We endeavor to conduct solicitation properly at all times by strictly following rules and regulations stipulated in relevant laws of Japan.
  7. We respect privacy of our clients--we do not use or provide personal information for purposes other than those necessary for performance of our services.
  8. We are happy to hear feedback and requests from our clients by email, telephone or fax, and we pledge to respond to them with integrity.