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MT4 Link

This is an STP (Straight-Through Processing) and NDD (No Dealing Desk) system, where the rates do not pass through dealers. Further, the system does not do any automated internal matching of client flows, allows no mark-ups by prime brokers, and permits absolutely no rate manipulation of any kind.
With transparent rates, abundant liquidity and high execution performance, this system is a trading tool capable of accommodating any trading style including what is known as "scalping."

Distinguishing Features of "MT4 Link"
• Transparent rates
• Highest-possible execution ratios
• Very robust, yet flexible

- Transparent rates -
The rates we provide to our clients are the best bid and offer (BBO) rates--that is, the best buy and the best sell price selected out of the rates provided to us by 16 domestic/overseas banks and securities companies acting as liquidity providers (we expect the total to go up to 17 institutions soon).
- Highest-possible execution ratios -
When an order is placed on the "MT4 Link" system, it is automatically covered with a counterparty without any rate manipulation (such as adding of a markup) by the prime broker (PB).
- Very robust, yet flexible -
"MT4 Link" system is built on top of a reliable system underpinning the world’s financial markets—the system compliant with, maintained and managed under SSAE16 (US attestation standard).
This is a flexible system that can be further refined and improved--as the developer we listen to the feedback of our clients and the system itself is being developed in accordance with ISO9001:2008 quality standard.